Ghost 2019 Review

Author: Elizabeth Murphy

April 11, 2019

GHOST – such an iconic movie, can a stage show do it justice? Well…YES.

The Nelson Youth Theatre Company had a challenge with this one, this strays from their usual well known musical hits.

Ghost is a love story between Molly and Sam that turns tragic with the death of Sam. Caught between worlds he needs to warn Molly of the dangers ahead.

Ghost is filled with love, laughter and heartache which is acted beautifully throughout by the cast.

Sophie McCarlie (Molly) and Adam Stewart (Sam) make you believe love is real. Their chemistry is great and they play off each other well.

Kameta Waharoa who plays Oda Mae (a medium who communicates with Sam) burst onto the stage making her scenes come to life. Her voice powerful and acting spot on.

It was a small chorus who made an impact and were used well.

Some scenes I felt the chorus was lost vocally, beautiful harmonies but not easily heard over the music and soloists. I also found some of the scenes a little slow and needed a bit more pace behind them.

The Musical Director Melanie Carruthers did a fantastic job teaching the singers how to be vulnerable yet strong vocally. It was wonderful to hear. The voices of McCarlie with Stewart and Ollie Bellis (Carl – Sam’s “best friend”) blended beautifully together.

One tricky aspect of the show is making someone into a ghost, Director Richard Carruthers did a great job bringing these aspects to the stage – it was very effective.

Mention must be given to Trizar Tin (Clara), when she sang I sat up-right and paid attention – she is one to watch for future shows.

I highly recommend seeing Ghost – it is an emotional journey.