Audition Information

There are currently no planned auditions, but our upcoming shows are A Christmas Carol, and Grease!

This year’s shows will be amazing opportunities for everyone involved, to gain experience, knowledge and skills from new production teams and new show titles as they emerge!

Keep your eyes peeled on this section as well as your emails and our Instagram and Facebook pages as new information comes out, and in case of any changes to the schedule.

Exciting Upcoming Opportunities (no auditioning needed!):

Directors Course:

From time to time, Richard runs a 6 evening Director’s course over 6 weeks for any adults and senior actors to experience the work of preparing and directing a show! The course is designed to help prepare the directors to direct a one act play in the following end of year season, this course usually runs in January and is open to any seniors and adults/parents who want to give directing a try.

One Act Plays:

In term 4 of 2023 NYTC will be running the one act plays per usual, but with two different performance times! Our younger casts and plays will be performing on a separate day to our older casts and plays (containing more mature themes) giving even more opportunity to be in the theatre! (whoop!)

Christmas Singing on Christmas Day:

For almost 2 decades, Youth Theatre families have been providing the entertainment for a big Christmas Dinner on Christmas day for older folks with nowhere to go for Christmas. Usually we get between 20 and 50 singers turn up to a couple of simple rehearsals pre Christmas and then sing for an hour or so late on Christmas morning while the 100-200 guests are served nibbles and drinks prior to the main Christmas dinner. This is such a special way to spend an hour or so on Christmas day, either for the kids or the whole family. This is definitely going ahead I am told, so please include it in your plans for the day. It really makes for a very special Christmas for everyone involved.

Audition Tips For Anyone New To Theatre:

  • Get a good night sleep before the auditions. You want to go to the auditions feeling energised and refreshed. Getting into character and performing is easier when you are not tired. Auditions can often take hours, sometimes all day all weekend!
  • Dress code. In winter it can be very cold when you’re waiting, dress warm! In summer, the opposite but dress appropriately to dance and do a lot of movement!
  • Learn about the play you are auditioning for. This is so you know what the play is about, the character motivations, and the tunes to the songs that you might be singing in the musical. Knowing what you are auditioning for will help your chances of getting the part you want, as this will improve your performance.
  • Learn the song for the part you are auditioning for + PLUS MORE. Confidence is key to auditioning! Knowing the song or songs of the show means you can audition without holding paper and music and really go for it in character and at your best performance!
  • Learning more than one role for auditions can give you that extra confidence boost if you’re asked to try a different role or fill in for someone else’s audition! Extra prepared is always good!
  • Come to the auditions with your voice warmed up. There’s nothing worse than auditioning for a musical and you can’t reach a note that you usually could reach. If your voice isn’t ready to sing, it might harm your chances of getting the part you want. Before going to the auditions, sing to yourself and do vocal warm ups. This will better ensure that you are prepared.
  • Avoid dairy products. Dairy products can cause phlegm build up in the throat. Don’t panic, it’s nothing harmful! The only reason to stay away from dairy before an audition is because phlegm can make singing high/low notes harder.
  • Once you get to the auditions, get to know people. You’re going to be working with these people for a couple of months, so get to know them. Don’t be shy, everyone has had a first audition, so…
  • Smile! Come to the auditions with a positive attitude! You’re going to do great, so be happy!

Other Opportunities

Theatre Royal Crew Training: Go to to access the details and to sign up to train as a Stage Manager, Fly floor operator or Techie. This is a great training for parents or siblings of youth theatre actors (or for senior actors wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding of theatre). You do the training and we’ll give you the opportunity to put it into practice in our shows.

We Can’t Wait To Meet You!

Photo: Annie 2017