Disney’s The Aristocats KIDS

Author: John van Gosliga

Published: 27th September 2023

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‘Everybody wants to be a cat’ was the final song in this fabulous Disney musical brought to the stage with over 50 of Nelson’s up and coming actors.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fun show and was blown away by the talent on stage.

Without giving too much away, the story is about a mother cat and her kittens that get cat-napped from central Paris and dropped off in the countryside and must find their way back home with the help of Thomas O’Malley cat and his entourage.

I really enjoyed the stage presence, singing and acting by Duchess, played by Maia Eagle, and O’Malley, played by Tane Williams. The story had laughter, suspense and triumph and the whole cast never missed a beat.

I thought Roquefort the mouse, played by Catherine Kissell, was cast well. She was both humorous and spoke well in her role.

The singing and acting were entertaining, and from the reaction of the audience it was enjoyed by everyone. All the actors on stage were animated and looked like they were having as much fun as the audience. The costumes and makeup were fantastic and the backdrop added a depth to the show.

The show runs for 45 minutes so is perfect for all ages.

I can see so much potential with all the lead actors and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. With this sort of talent in Nelson, the Nelson Youth Theatre is in great shape for years to come.

There was a full house for the opening night, and I am sure every show night will be the same. I wouldn’t wait for door sales as I am sure all shows will sell out fast.

Disney’s The Aristocats KIDS is on at the Theatre Royal until 30 September.

Classic story the cat’s whiskers for school holidays

Author: Katrina O’Connor

Published: 28 September 2023

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Disney’s The Aristocats Kids is being bought to life at the Theatre Royal by the Nelson Youth Theatre. I had the pleasure of attending their first show and was delighted alongside the young audience by the condensed kid-friendly adaptation of the classic Disney film.

With a run time of just 45 minutes, this show is perfectly suited for younger children with catchy songs and memorable characters.

The standout performance of the show belonged to Catherine Kissell who played Roquefort the mouse. With her amazing stage presence and impeccable timing she bought this endearing character to life and kept the audience wanting more.

One minor critique was the choice of costumes for the main cats. It was disappointing that they didn’t include ears, whiskers and tails, as these details could have added more authenticity to the characters and enhanced the overall visual appeal. However, the actors’ performance compensated for this shortcoming.

Maia Eagle, who played Duchess, portrayed the graceful and elegant mother cat with grace and charm. Her singing voice was sweet and soothing, perfectly fitting her character. The chemistry between Duchess and her three kittens, Marie (Lily Williams), Berlioz (Natalia Piemontesi), and Toulouse (Giancarlo Piemontesi), was heartwarming, and their performances added depth to the story.

The fun of a live stage performance is that the audience gets to participate and this was evident by the booing that ensued when Edgar (Amelia Scowen) got up to no good and by the cheers for the mischievous O’Malley (Tane Williams).

Overall, “The Aristocats Kids” by Nelson Youth Theatre is a delightful production tailored specifically for young kids. With its catchy songs, talented cast, and engaging storyline, it offers an entertaining and memorable theatre experience for both children and their families.