Join Youth Theatre!

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Send us a quick email with your contact details and we’ll add you to our database so you can receive our newsletter style emails… also the following gets out via email…

  • auditions dates & details
  • show dates
  • rehearsal schedules
  • summer school/school holiday program information
  • lesson information
  • audition information from other companies
  • and more…

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Does it cost?
There is a one off (once in your lifetime) fee of $60 for joining for the first show you do. That’s it!
(If you can’t afford it, we are always happy to help)

How old do I have to be?
It depends on the show…

  • 5-25 is technically the age we take as a youth theatre company
  • 5yr old’s and under can struggle with the reading of scripts and often (but not always) need parents to accompany them to all rehearsals and auditions, etc.
  • some shows are limited to “those under 18 on the day of the final show”
  • some shows are limited to those over age 10 / 12

Can I book lessons with you?
You can book singing/piano lessons with our tutor click here. They can also teach music theory and musical knowledge, and you can sit your trinity/abrsm exams with them too.

We can recommend others for musical theatre classes, tap, dance, etc… but most kids pick up what they need to know from taking part in our shows. A lot of us are kinesthetic learners (hands on) and by joining in with rehearsals and show performances the kids pick it all up and it ‘makes sense’. However, it’s never a bad idea if you want to really hone your skills to seek a tutor. Tami Mansfield and Soundstage are both great places to begin.