Moana Jr Auditions


Cast Size: Large (21 or more performers)Cast Type: ChildrenDance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Moana. The vibrant, tenacious, and optimistic daughter of Motunui’s chief. She struggles to reconcile her father’s plans for her to take over as the village chief with her own desires to voyage beyond the reef. Ultimately, Moana proves a compassionate and capable leader. Cast an actor who can portray great maturity, possesses incredible energy, a fun sense of humor, and can confidently deliver songs like “How Far I’ll Go.”Gender: FemaleVocal range top: D5Vocal range bottom: G3Maui

A demigod and master wayfinder with charisma to spare and a reputation of being a trickster. Despite his hard exterior, Maui becomes a wonderful friend and mentor to Moana throughout their journey. Cast an actor with great comic timing who can portray this shapeshifter’s larger-than-life personality through big gestures and high energy, making moments like “You’re Welcome” true showstoppers. Note: The character Maui is based on the fabled Pacific Island demigod, so proceed with respect and caution in costuming and portrayal.Gender: MaleVocal range top: B3Vocal range bottom: G2Chief Ancestors (1-3)

Chief Ancestors (1-3) are the three ancient leaders of Motunui. They guide Moana on her quest and narrate her story through speaking and singing solos. These ancestors should be animated storytellers who have excellent diction.Vocal range top: A4Vocal range bottom: G3Gramma Tala

Moana’s wise grandmother and the mother of Chief Tui. She is the village storyteller known for being eccentric and dancing to the beat of her own drum. Look for a playful actor and singer who can balance comic timing in “Where You Are (Part 2)” with heartfelt sincerity in “Song of the Ancestors.”Gender: FemaleVocal range top: B4Vocal range bottom: G3Chief Tui

The proud leader of Motunui and Moana’s father. He prioritizes the safety of his people and his family. For this beloved and respected ruler, cast a mature and poised actor who can sing very well. After Chief Tui’s scenes at the top of the show, the actor can join the Maui, Monster, and/or Shiny ensembles before returning to this primary role at the show’s end.Gender: MaleVocal range top: A#2Vocal range bottom: E2Sina

Moana’s supportive mother. She is compassionate, perceptive, and strong-willed, and trusts her daughter to make the right decisions. With both speaking and singing solos, look for a confident singer and actor who can embody a mature and respected leader. After Sina’s scenes at the top of the show, the actor can join the Maui, Monster, and/or Shiny ensembles before returning to this primary role at the show’s end.Gender: FemaleVocal range top: C#5Vocal range bottom: C#4Pua

Moana’s fiercely loyal friend. Pua always supports Moana – even if it means facing her own fears. An actor who is also a confident singer can make Pua’s moments in “Where You Are (Part 2),”“How Far I’ll Go,” and “We Know the Way (Finale)” stand out.Vocal range top: C#5Vocal range bottom: B3Hei Hei

Moana’s not-so-bright friend. Hei Hei is well- meaning, but naive. Cast an actor who can portray Hei Hei’s innocence and own both speaking and singing solos in “Where You Are (Part 2),”“How Far I’ll Go,” and “We Know the Way (Finale).”Vocal range top: C#5Vocal range bottom: B3Tamatoa

The vicious and egotistical giant crab who lives in Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters. Tamatoa enjoys gathering shiny baubles to add to an ever-growing collection. For this self-centered crab with a keen sense of showmanship, cast an actor who isn’t afraid to own the stage and really shine.Vocal range top: B4Vocal range bottom: B3Ensemble

Ensemble roles include Ancestor Ensemble, Ocean Ensemble, Villagers (Dancers, Weavers, Fishers 1 & 2), Maui Ensemble, Monsters, Gate Monster, Left Claw, Right Claw, Shiny Ensemble, Te Fiti, Te Kā

Song List

  • In the Beginning…
  • Tulou Tagaloa
  • Where You Are (Part 1)
  • Where You Are (Part 2)
  • How Far I’ll Go
  • We Know the Way
  • Where You Are (Reprise)
  • How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)
  • You’re Welcome
  • Warrior Face (Part 1)
  • Warrior Face (Part 2)
  • Warrior Face (Part 3)
  • Shiny (Part 1)
  • Shiny (Part 2)
  • Song of the Ancestors
  • Warrior Face (Reprise) / Logo Te Pate
  • Know Who You Are
  • Te Fiti Restored
  • Tulou Tagaloa (Reprise)
  • We Know the Way (Reprise)

Click here for music – be careful to only listen to matching music online’s%20Moana%20JR.%20is%20a,of%20Motunui%20to%20life%20onstage.&text=Moana%20and%20the%20legendary%20demigod,the%20power%20that%20lies%20within.